Community Resource Hub

Community Resources

Count on the staff at Not Just Hoops, Inc. to help the community. Our not-for-profit organization offers a variety of community resources that include health & wellness and recreational activities.

Healthy Community

Our organization focuses on creating a healthy community. Not Just Hoops in conjunction with other nonprofit organizations formulate a "Healthy Eating Cafe" encompassing local elementary schools in Bedford-Stuyvesant. This program will focus on the importance of having fruits and vegetables as part of our daily diet. The program will also consist of the creation of a community "farmer's market" that will be run by the students and other community youths. The program will also entail the creation of a garden to beautify the school as well as the community. The staff will consist of school staff & students, neighborhood residents as well as Not Just Hoops and other participating nonprofits.

Community Expo

Not Just Hoops has established itself as an Information Center for the community. The first Community Expo was held March 28th and it provided residents with information regarding educational programs, job training, health & fitness programs, locations of food programs in churches and community centers along with food pantries throughout the community. This Expo also gave other community based organization, local businesses and churches a platform to provide information to the community residents as well.

Nutritional Sessions

Not Just Hoops offers mini nutritional sessions as part of their programs. Our staff covers exercise, proper rest and eating healthy. Our program looks to educate our participants and help them become more aware of the importance of being healthy and staying fit.

Recreational Activities

Not Just Hoops focuses on providing youth with sports programs. The main features are the Basketball and Flag Football Programs. The basketball program has two major events during the year. An annual Basketball Clinic- A Spring program and is held during May & June; this clinic includes an exercise regimen and mini nutritional sessions for youth ages 8 to 18 years old. An annual Basketball Program - A Summer program held during July & August, which consists of an eight week basketball tournament. An annual Fall Flag Football Program that teaches girls and boys how to play the game. This program is held during the months of September thru November which too includes a health & fitness segments. This program is support by guest speakers from the Police Community Affairs Unit, other nonprofits and Community Leaders.

Aerobics in the Park

Not Just Hoops hosted a "Hoops Aerobics in the Park" program for the neighborhood residents. I goal is to expand this program to in-door during the Fall and Winter months and have evening and weekend sessions to promote health and fitness year round. This program is in the development stage.

Resource Center

Not Just Hoops looks to be a Resource Center for the community; we provide residents with information regarding educational programs, job training, summer youth jobs as well as locations of food programs in churches, community centers and food pantries throughout the community.

Community Day Festival

Not Just Hoops help supports No Gun Smoke School Tour annual Community Day Festival. This free festival for the community features medical screening mobile trucks, community base organization tables. These organizations will provide the community with information for educational programs to job training facilities, down to housing assistance programs. The Festival also provides free food & give-a-ways, music as well as live entertainment.

Black Lives Matter

Not Just Hoops was the conduit organization that help support the various Black Lives Matter events that took place in front of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration during the summer of 2020.