Hoops Outdoor Community Oasis

The Creation Of A Safe Haven Oasis That Addresses the Food Desert in Central Brooklyn.

Not Just Hoops looks to create a “Safe Haven” open space that will also address the food desert that plagues many residents in Central Brooklyn. The space will provide various educational workshops, health/fitness sessions, arts/culture experiences, workshop development sessions, civics as well as social events for the neighborhood residents in Central Brooklyn.

The open space will have the following areas:

    The Hoops Farm Stand – to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the community residents.
    The Hoops Community Garden – to provide garden beds for residents wishing to grow fresh fruits and vegetables during the growing session.
    The Hoops Compost Project – to provide a composting program that will educate the importance of composting and the benefits that will come from this program.
    A Hip2BHealthy Hoops Café – To provide an area where residents can come and obtain healthy beverages and eats as well as be able to socialize in a safe and calming space.
    The Hoops House – a year-round learning hub that will have various teaching sessions and educational informative programs and workshops that will benefit the residents in their day-to-day living experience.
    The Hoops Outdoor Entertainment Space – to provide an area to have concerts, parties, mental health and wellness sessions, arts/culture activities, movie night, children events, etc.